IoT Solutions

As Mahrek Technology, we provide services with IoT solutions for tracking and security systems, automotive industry and different sectors.
The Internet of Things ecosystem uses sensors and smart devices to collect, transmit and process information.
Sensors and devices collect information by communicating among themselves. Then it sends the collected data to the cloud over communication channels such as GSM, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth, etc. The system processes this data and takes action.
With the solutions they develop, IoT service providers increase efficiency by processing the collected data, showing it to users and analyzing the reports, and they also save time and money with the opportunity to respond quickly and in advance.





Electronic Monitoring System

Electronic monitoring is a method that provides monitoring, surveillance and supervision of suspects, defendants, or convicts in the community with electronic methods and tools and is used in the execution of decisions that support the protection of the victim and society. Electronic Monitoring Software is a high-security Web-based platform developed for live monitoring of tracked people, continuous tracking and reporting of violations and alarms that occur during the monitoring process.

Commercial Vehicle Management System

It is to access detailed information on vehicles actively working in the transportation sector 24/7, to detect possible breakdowns that may occur in the future in advance and to report this information retrospectively, to keep maintenance and operating costs at a minimum level. The commercial vehicle management system provides time and cost efficiency for vehicle manufacturers, fleet owner companies and municipal transportation companies. Many data such as CanBus, breakdown, location, speed, direction of internal combustion and electric vehicles are continuously monitored on a single panel. Limit values can be entered for these data. When the limit is exceeded, an alarm is instantly triggered on the panel and a notification is displayed. Notification requests can be received as e-mail and/or SMS if desired.

Resource Management System

Resource management system enables businesses to track and manage human resources, operations, and complaint management processes with specifically developed modules that can be implemented immediately based on the needs of companies.
It works integrated with the HR software of the service provider.
The system, which is integrated with punch in/out devices, enables the calculation of employee timekeeping.
Shift assignment can be made.
Area-based, person-based, toilet-based task tracking reports can be created.
A request/complaint can be created for nonconformities of the service by the institution to which the service is provided, and the relevant photos can be added to the request.
Survey data can be reported, and areas and issues of dissatisfaction can be tracked.

Tracking Systems

With tracking systems, you can monitor your vehicles 24/7 on digital maps and easily access all detailed information and reports. Not only can you monitor your vehicles through our user-friendly tracking panel, but you can also increase the competitiveness of your business by accessing the right data at the right time. With the data collected from your vehicles and fleets, you can maximize performance and efficiency and save a lot of money on your current expenses.
Vehicle location and speed tracking, retrospective location tracking, custom region setting, requesting current location information, instantly marking a region and showing vehicles passing through that region, viewing vehicles that have not received a signal for a long time, customized alarm management, various report options, automatic reports can be received on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Pet Tracking

Pet tracking project is a mobile application project that we have developed for the socialization of our pets. Using the application, you can report your pets missing, socialize and breed them. It has also been a solution to many problems such as health check follow-up. By introducing your pet to the application, you can view other pets in the immediate vicinity, contact their owners, and create a safe socialization area.