Cold Chain Tracking System

Cold chain tracking system offers measurement and reporting of the ambient temperature at all stages, including warehouse, distribution and cabinet, in order to ensure that all products in the frozen and cold pack reach the end user at specified temperature ranges.

Who Can Use?
All sectors that produce and distribute products such as ice cream, milk, chicken, eggs, ready-made food, etc. particularly and where temperature control is important can use the cold chain tracking system.

cold chain sensor device

Cold Chain Tracking Device

Cold Chain Tracking  dashboard
  • Operational efficiency is ensured thanks to daily and monthly reports.

  • The devices are placed in refrigerated vehicles, warehouses and production facilities.

  • Temperature levels are reported over the internet with temperature sensors.

  • Changes in temperature values are followed by graphs and statistical reporting.

  • In addition to controlling the temperature values, details such as the routes of the vehicles, arrival times to these routes, idling locations can be followed and operations management is ensured from a single center.

  • Alarms related to critical temperature changes are notified to the people defined in the system by the software.

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