Consumable Tracking

The consumption quantity of cleaning consumables such as paper towels or soap is monitored on the consumable tracking screen. With the help of the data received from the device sensors, data regarding the use of the material is obtained, and an alarm is generated regarding the reduction or exhaustion of the material.

Consumable Consumption Control
Order Management
Customer Satisfaction Increase

Consumable Consumption Control

Savings items can be determined by monitoring the consumable items of the companies operating in the industry sector similar to electricity and natural gas.

The liquid soap and paper products consumed in the sinks of the companies or large institutions that make facility management are monitored and the materials are refilled on time. Proper stock planning prevents short or over stock taking.


Order Management

The companies that supply the consumable products can remotely monitor the customer stocks, and automatically plan the customer orders with the data received through the system.

It is possible to prevent the use of products of different brands in these vending machines by ensuring that the companies that leave embezzled vending machines or tea / coffee machines on their customers to their distributors or sales points follow the consumption of products such as tea, coffee or cleaning materials.

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Customer Satisfaction Increase

The points where consumable products are consumed are taken under observation and the products are intervened before they are totally consumed. Customer satisfaction is increased by allowing precautions to be taken before customer complaints occur.

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