Geowix Optimum

Dynamic Routing Based Shipment Management

Geowix optimum is 100% domestic routing engine based on map and geographic data, developed by Turkish engineers with an 8-year R&D study.

With its intuitive business intelligence structure, it plans your different business models based on instant and historical traffic road data and different features of points. It creates multi-dimensional shipping plans by generating results in a very short time. It plans your orders with less mileage and offers an end-to-end management with the mobile application.

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Rapid planning, more order management with fewer vehicles. 35% less mileage, 90% faster planning. It provides maximum efficiency in all your operations with effective working hours. All your processes are managed under control with end-to-end management.


Batch Routing

With Geowix, you can collectively route your unrestricted points, and plan your maximum occupancy in the shortest time with the smallest number of vehicles and in the most accurate order by checking your vehicle resource and capacity. With slot time planning, you can manage your dynamical orders effectively.


Demo and Quick Installation

With the application, which runs entirely on cloud and mobile applications, you can provide fast installation and management. You can define all your shipping processes and manage them on a single platform. You can obtain GPS data by vehicle tracking or mobile and track all your processes.


Cost Savings

Geowix Optimum is a domestic and parametric algorithm. You can not develop the desired solutions with outsourced mappings and routing and need to pay a lot for license payments. With Geowix, you can make dynamic routing with a very little cost.

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Live Monitoring

All planned activities can be integrated with mobile or vehicle tracking Gps data and all your processes can be monitored and managed on a single screen.


Dynamic Screens

User-friendly and customizable screens allowing you to monitor all your operational processes on mobile and web.

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Map Based Operations Management

All orders and field activities, alarms, alerts and GPS activity details are managed on the map integrated with a parametric functional design.


More Reports

Fast and customizable reporting modules where you can get many activity reports.

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