Inventory Tracking

The Equipment / Inventory tracking system allows you to define your inventory or equipment in the system and enables you to follow up and report on issues such as fault detection. With the demand / complaint management screens, a notification can be opened for these inventories and equipment, and access to routine maintenance or malfunction notifications can be easily ensured.

Instant Object Tracking
Productivity Increase
Operational Cost Management
Asset Management
Forklift Tracking
Inventory Tracking

Instant Object Tracking

The precious equipment, objects, embezzled work materials of the enterprises are tracked with NFC labels, BLE beacons and UWB beacons in the facility or in different locations, and the most recent location notification is transferred to the central software by Gageet.


Operation Cost Management

With instantaneous asset utilization information, enterprises can use the tools or equipment required for their projects from among those that are dysfunctional in different regions or operations. Equipment renting or purchasing, which increases the project costs are minimized, and operating resources are used in the most efficient way.


Productivity Increase

Asset utilization data can be analyzed regularly thanks to the reports provided by Mahrek IoT platform. It is possible for managers to make resource planning based on real utilization data.

iMac and forklift

Forklift Tracking

It makes it possible to improve work flows with detailed analysis of forklift working hours and vehicle movements. Forklift capacity and routes are optimized.

The history of forklift operations is recorded on Mahrek IoT Platform and it is retrieved at any time to provide motion tracking.


Asset Management

Stock count of the machines and equipment included in the institution's assets becomes easier. It is also possible to perform embezzled equipment tracking of the personnel with data over Mahrek IoT platform.

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