Geocoding is the process of editing free text-based addresses and converting them into geographic coordinates. LocationBox, geocode service;

  • Corrects spelling errors

  • Standardizes common address abbreviations

  • Completes the missing address components (Zip Code, Neighborhood name etc. Missing information is completed)

  • Creates the coordinate information of the address

  • Scores address content, matching, and specified coordinate level

  • Delivers each address component in separate fields

  • Converts free text data to address according to the structure of the National Address Database of Turkey (UAVT)

shuttle service busses

Reverse Geocoding

Reverse geocoding is the process of finding the address equivalent of a given geographic coordinate. LocationBox allows access to reverse geocoding service via an HTTP request. Furthermore,

  • It provides access to the latest most recent address data

  • provides the city, district, neighborhood, road and door number address components of the coordinate in separate areas

  • provides road type and legal speed limit information of the road the coordinate matches

  • Returns the address that matches the coordinate in the order appropriate to the UAVT structure

  • Digital Map Services


Map Services

You can add Maps to your own applications and visualize your data on these maps using the map services.

  • Map Base

  • Adding and displaying different marks on the map

  • Drawing and displaying areas on the map

  • Drawing and showing the route on the map

  • Creating thematic maps

  • Location Search (POI)


Location Search (POI)

Category or proximity based location search can be performed in POI database covering nearly 500 categories and more than 2000 brand data.

  • Category Based Search (Hospital, Pharmacy, Market etc.)

  • Brand Based Search

  • Proximity Based Search

  • Character based search (keyword)

  • On-duty Pharmacy and On-duty Notary Search


Route Calculation

It is the service that allows route calculation between two or more coordinates.

  • Creating a point-ordered route between two or more points

  • TSP (Traveling Sales Man) based point ranking

  • Transportation distance and transportation time between calculated route points

  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) calculation with instant traffic information

  • The fastest and shortest route option

  • Route restriction by vehicle type (Truck, Ferry Use, Pedestrian etc.)

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