Satisfaction Measurement


Satisfaction Measurement

The satisfaction measurement system is used to evaluate the cleaning services provided in areas where TEMKO devices are located.

Customer satisfaction screen reports:
They produce reports on the measurement of customer satisfaction. If the customer clicks on one of 3 options other than the very satisfied and satisfied options, a second screen about the reason for dissatisfaction pops-up.
The visual about the dissatisfaction reason is clicked and the survey is completed with a thank you page.

Dashboard UI

Customer Satisfaction Management

It ensures that the satisfaction of the customers, the most valuable assets of the enterprises, can be measured, and those responsible can immediately return to the complaints. With routine reporting options, regular reporting is offered to the authorities, and alerts are sent via SMS, email and mobile application on matters of high importance.


Operational Improvement

It makes it easier to make improvements in the areas required by location-based tracking of the service provided for the internal and external customers of the institutions. Regions where there are deficiencies or malfunctions in different locations where operational activities are carried out are easily determined and it is possible to create not only temporary but also permanent solutions.

iMac with Indoor map
Tenko® Customer satisfaction device

Customer Survey Evaluation

Location based service evaluation surveys can be delivered to internal and external customers with the help of a QR code or Temko screens, and daily, weekly or monthly survey evaluation reports can be created through the Mahrek IoT Platform.

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