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Staff & Student Shuttle Management

Routewix is a complete map and routing based service management platform developed for the optimization and management of the companies using staff shuttles as well as the student shuttles. It can reduce the shuttle costs as well as allows to reduce or arrange the number of shuttles by allowing to perform shuttle service at the shortest time and by using the smallest number of vehicles.

With its many modules, it makes it possible to manage the entire operation integrated with different components. It creates 98% realistic and field-compatible routes with its routing structure that works completely with time and historical traffic data. It organizes the routes at the optimum level by using many functions with its collective routing and parametric structure. It allows administrative affairs and purchasing units to dominate all processes.

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Outstanding Differences

  • Dynamic batch routing

  • Flexible and fast stop creation

  • Create batch staff with Excel

  • Quick creation of calendar of fixed shifts

  • Creating online reconciliation and vehicle activities


Outstanding Differences

  • Determining the number of vehicles needed with shift management

  • Enabling dynamic shifts to be managed automatically by Routewix

  • Creating individual routes for morning and evening shuttles

  • Suggesting the most optimal stops according to the staff by Routewix

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Outstanding Differences

  • Offering multiple communication options with automatic notifications sent via SMS, mail and mobile applications

  • Comparing current and routewix works with graphical interfaces

  • Creating activities on mobile and tracking shuttle utilization rates


Outstanding Differences

  • Proposing the most appropriate route and cost calculation for new or potential personnel

  • Automatic pinning of addresses on the map, possibility of confirmation by staff via mobile

  • Routing with many new features, such as walking distance, shortest path and time

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