Access Control Systems

Access control systems are used to control and limit the entry and exit to a designated area by a person or community for security purposes. Areas where access control systems are used are generally determined as turnstiles, gates, elevators, parking lots or places where entrance is restricted. Access control systems that can be integrated with other security systems such as video surveillance, fire detection, voice announcement, etc. can be easily managed through a single console by using central management software.

Biometric, mobile or physical systems are used individually or in combinations according to the needs of the area to be secured with access control systems. New generation access control systems offer many advantages in addition to the entry and exit tracking function, which is possible with an additional software.

Areas Of Use

  • Parking lot management

  • Providing instant data for payrolling

  • Receiving incoming visitor information via e-mail instantly

  • Determining the road maps of the employees in the office

  • Locating employees and taking attendance in case of emergencies

  • Automatically manage the amounts loaded on meal cards

  • Receiving and archiving the signatures required for Personal Data Protection Law over the system


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