Fire Warning Systems

The fire detection and warning system is an electronic security system that is mandatory to be available in the buildings in accordance with certain regulations and standards in order to detect or minimize possible loss of life and property by detecting the event as soon as possible.

Thanks to the detection speed of the fire alarm systems we have developed as Mahrek Technology, it is possible to save time for early intervention when possible fire events are at early stages.

You can not only benefit from uninterrupted security service, but also save maintenance and repair costs thanks to our devices offering a low failure rate and a long service life.

Areas Of Use

  • It prevents or minimizes the loss of life and property that may occur.

  • It saves time and cost in maintenance and service intervention.

  • It provides preliminary information to the system to provide necessary equipment before intervention.

  • With remote fire detection services, malfunctions in the system are identified remotely.

  • Intelligent fire detectors minimize false alarms thanks to its stable detection feature.

  • The video-based system detects the source of the fire and gives time for early intervention.

  • Configuring the system remotely over the network connection and displaying the measurements of the detector's on pollution level allow easy identification of equipment that will need servicing.


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