Preventive Maintenance Estimation


Preventive Maintenance Estimation

Maintenance estimation module allows detection of failures that are expected to happen in the future by generating meaningful estimations based on the data produced by the vehicle by means of artificial intelligence algorithms with the help of probability based analysis. The IoT-based maintenance estimation system responds quickly to equipment failure, applying methods that allow machines to perform predictive analysis and thereby prevents improper vehicle use or malfunctions.

In this way, businesses can identify possible mishaps and malfunctions in advance and work on their maintenance. Thanks to the preventive maintenance estimation system, companies save costs and are protected from possible disruptions with preventive actions that can be done periodically.

Maintenance Services Optimization


Effective planned maintenance measures enable increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs. Furthermore, it allows you to reach better levels in terms of cost by differentiating yourselves from your competitors thanks tı such maintenances.

Increasing Operational Efficiency


With the creation of maintenance measures plans, the cost loss that may arise due to the mandatory downtime arising from a machine failure is minimized. Easier and faster production can be achieved if resources and measures are implemented on time.

Since it minimizes the need for servicing, the number of personnel required to deal with maintenance & service operations is minimized. It is ensured that human resources are used more effectively in terms of both time and cost.

iMac and forklift

Integration to Business Software


Machine data received from IoT devices can be transferred to business software for maintenance optimization, and a maintenance appointment can be created in your ERP system with the nearest service provider automatically, to search for backup inventory or restart, to create alarms or to turn off the device.

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