Smart Camera Systems

Smart camera systems are widely used to monitor and record buildings and plants for security purposes. However, it is one of the basic security solutions that is critical for commercial enterprises and business development units. Smart camera systems give simultaneous alarm in case of any unauthorized access to related plant and contact with the police, hospital, fire department and make the necessary directions where necessary.

In addition to their critical role in security measures, smart camera systems are also used for controlling different functions such as sales, personnel performance control and business development. It also makes it possible to monitor and record different locations from a single point.

As Mahrek Technology, we make it possible for you to provide direct integration with access control, fire detection and alarm systems thanks to our wide solution options and years of experience. In addition, thanks to our new generation software and our smart camera systems integrated into the video surveillance system, we define advanced tasks in addition to simple monitoring and develop tailor-made solutions.

Monitor Cam views

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