Container Tracking

Container Tracking Project

Monitoring of trucks entering the borders of the country for the purpose of cargo transportation and transit until they leave the borders of the country
It is necessary to monitor the trucks in real time with devices that are not powered by the electrical infrastructure in order to prevent illegal incidents such as not unloading the valuable goods subject to customs that are carried by trucks entering the border of Turkey and traveling transit within the borders of the country, and deliberately damaging the trucks.

Mahrek Technology’s Solution
After conducting detailed works with the Mahrek team and the officials of the responsible administration, the content of the project was determined with details such as monitoring the vehicles, triggering alarms if certain rules are violated, and receiving retrospective reports.
How Does the System Work?
To track a vehicle in real time, a device that can operate smoothly and reliably in harsh environmental conditions is required. The tracking device, which is not powered by the vehicle’s electricity and provides 300 hours of tracking with a full charge, has IP6K9K sealing and dust resistance standard, UL94 non-flammability certificate and is designed to be easily attached under the container with strong magnets.

Continuously monitor your deliveries and access road traffic estimates with the container tracking device

Share the container tracking interface with your customers to allow them to track their own shipments

Track your operation information and make new decisions to increase supply chain efficiency

Receive accurate and complete data on the location of your assets and equipment to get precise information and optimize your business processes

Optimize the utilization of all your working or non-working assets.

Detect theft and unauthorized access and maximize security by using the geo-fence warning system developed to reduce criminal cases

Long-Lasting Battery

The 20,800 mAh battery in the device offers 400 hours of usage if data location is taken every minute. Batteries can be easily recharged with wired or wireless chargers, making them suitable for reuse.
The product contains rechargeable long-lasting lithium batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the device can transmit up to 5,000 GPS locations.

Easy Assembly

Container tracking devices, which are easily mounted on the metal surface with the magnets on the product, require a pulling force of over 35 kilograms to be removed. This prevents the device from being easily tampered with.

Leaving the Route Alarm

With routes that can be planned on a vehicle or container basis on the Mahrek IoT platform at the beginning of the journey, containers can be monitored throughout their travels, and previous ones can be reviewed. If the vehicle carrying the container leaves the route, a warning is triggered.


Device Removed Alarm

The warning system is activated if any unauthorized person attempts to remove the device placed at the bottom of the containers

Route Creating

On the Mahrek IoT Platform, routes that containers or vehicles should or can use can be marked, and it can be checked whether the relevant vehicle is on the route or not. You can create different routes on the map depending on the need and track multiple routes.

Roaming Support

Roaming feature enables simultaneous monitoring of products with satellite tracking devices in international transportation.

OLED Display of the Device

The red light on the device indicates server connection status, blue light indicates GPS status and green light indicates GSM status.

Theft Protection

The asset monitoring device generates alerts for unauthorized motion or vibration, reports on the vibration process, and ensures a quick response to a potential theft.

Battery Level Alarm

An alarm is activated when battery charge rate of the device reaches risky levels determined by the user.

Alarm Notifications

If a violation is detected, the system triggers an alarm with local information of the vehicle and a description of the violation. The alarm notification can be sent via e-mail and SMS message.

Domestic Design and Production

Our devices are completely designed and produced domestically in our own R&D center in accordance with international container standards.

GPS Signal Lost Alarm

Provides early warning in case of a loss of the GPS signal that allows the container to be located. It controls security threats that may occur in terms of container, goods and border security.

Angular Change Alarm

It sends information to the server with an alarm in case of deviation from the route with an angle of more than 45 degrees along the route defined for the container at the entry point of the country

Remote Device Management

Device software can be updated over the air (OTA) or by sending SMS commands. Memory, battery, network information and alarm status of the devices can be monitored remotely and parameter settings can be changed

Device Displacement Alarm

If the device is shaken or moved in order to interfere with the device, or if the container suddenly changes position, the system alerts relevant people with an alarm to intervene.

Container Tracking Device Features

  • Device weight less than 1 kg
  • Magnetic mounting
  • Built-in GPS and GSM antenna
  • Device mounting/dismounting alarm
  • Device displacement alarm
  • GNSS signal loss alarm
  • Simple OLED display
  • Route deviation alarm
  • Angle change alarm at a certain degree
  • GPS measurement of distance traveled
  • Wired and wireless device charging feature
  • Remote device parameter settings feature 
  • 16-Channel GPS receiver for location information
  • Fire and explosion resistant material feature
  • Device charge level below a certain percentage alarm
  • Transmitting location information to the desired server over GSM infrastructure
  • Remote firmware update feature and programming via GPRS
  • Dust and high pressure water-resistant design in compliance with IP6K9K standard
  • Data storage in memory feature in case of GSM or GPRS disconnection