Inventory Module

Equipment Tracking and Management Module

The equipment tracking and management module enables recording and real-time tracking of all information about valuable equipments and inventory, such as cleaning machines owned by the company. 
By entering the maintenance and warranty information of your inventory or equipment into the system, it allows you to make reliable tracking and reporting on issues such as troubleshooting. Notifications can be set up for such inventory and equipment, and you can easily access notifications about routine maintenance or troubleshooting. Thanks to the Inventory module, you can control entrusted and returned items and get the maximum benefit from the equipment your company owns.

Inventory Records

  • Brand model
  • Project It is used in
  • Entrusted personnel
  • Image of inventory

Maintenance and malfunction process management

  • Warranty period
  • Tracking maintenance schedules

Report Page

  • Equipment lists
  • Malfunction reports
  • Project-based reports


  • Equipment brand
  • Equipment category
  • Maintenance companies

Operation Cost Management

By having current asset utilization information, businesses can use the tools or equipment required for their projects from among those that are not functional in different regions or operations. Equipment leases or purchases that drive up project costs are minimized, and business resources are used in the most optimal way.

Productivity Increase

Thanks to the reports provided by the Mahrek IoT platform, asset utilization data can be analyzed regularly. Managers can make resource planning based on real utilization data.

Asset Management

Counting of machines and equipment among corporate assets becomes easier. Also, tracking of equipment entrusted to personnel can be carried out on the Mahrek IoT platform with person’s data.