Electronig Monitoring System

What is Electronic Monitoring System?

Electronic monitoring is a method that provides monitoring, surveillance and supervision of suspects, defendants, or convicts in the community with electronic methods and tools and is used in the execution of decisions that support the protection of the victim and society.
The supervision of obliged persons with electronic monitoring is carried out in accordance with the provision of Article 15/A of the Law No. 5402 on Probation Services, which states that “Monitoring, surveillance and supervision of suspects, defendants, and convicts in the community can also be carried out by using electronic devices.”

Electronic Monitoring System Software

Electronic Monitoring Software is a WEB-based platform developed for live monitoring of the tracked people, continuous tracking and reporting of alarms that occur during the monitoring process.
The platform has been developed with a highly secure and scalable microservice architecture using Java, Go and Nodejs languages. The main functions of the monitoring software include receiving data from different electronic surveillance devices such as mobile units, immobile units, alcohol monitoring units, and supporting transmission protocols such as TCP IP/UDP/HTTP/HTTPS/MQTT. Thanks to the scalable feature of the software developed with microservice architecture, it supports the simultaneous operation of thousands of terminals. Real-time and date filtered historical monitoring is available. It supports many notifications and alarms such as real-time alarm, electronic fence, illegal intervention, network outage, low battery, equipment failure, etc.