Tracking Systems

What is Tracking Systems?

Navigation is an important issue that has been practiced on the earth since time immemorial. Especially developments in the fields of communication, satellite, and informatics have enabled this issue to reach a solution, and today, location finding/tracking systems are used in many corporate and individual applications.
Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS) is a high-tech product that emerged from these developments. With these systems, not only transportation vehicles, but also all kinds of objects and even living things can be tracked in real time or retrospectively by recording their location information. Vehicle tracking systems are used in various sectors, including personal and corporate, military and civilian.
Tracking involves attaching electronic devices to objects and living things using the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), and processing object locations on a digital map. The electronic devices used to obtain vehicle locations rely on GPS receivers that use signals from satellites for this process. The location information is transmitted to the tracking center using a communication module. At the monitoring center, the incoming location information is processed by software on digital maps displayed on a computer screen to track vehicles.