Operation Module

Operation Module

The Operation Module enables the management of vital operational activities such as project opening, project-specific location definition, personnel assignment, 24/7 shift planning, task tracking, and machine tracking. The module helps organizations with numerous employees plan how to use resources more effectively to ensure that they are as productive as possible. The operation module ensures the efficient distribution and use of resources such as personnel, materials, labor, machine, and equipment.

Functions Offered in the Operation Module

  • 24/7 shift planning
  • Assigning tasks and training programs to employees
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • Timekeeping calculation with PDKS (Personnel Attendance Control System)
  • Machine-Equipment utilization tracking and reporting
  • Tracking and reporting of tasks
  • Personnel performance evaluation
  • Creating reports based on operation areas, personnel in charge, and supervisors

Working Hours Tracking​

Operational Process Tracking

Task and Training Assignment​


Shift Planning and Digital Timekeeping

Shift Planning and Timekeeping

With its flexible shift planning design and user-friendly interface, shift schedules of employees are automatically created on Mahrek IoT Platform. Employees’ timekeeping and salaries are automatically calculated with the timekeeping screens.

Customer Satisfaction Management

It ensures that the satisfaction of customers, the most valuable assets of businesses, can be measured and that those responsible can be instantly informed and respond to complaint issues. With routine reporting options, regular reporting is provided to the authorities and alerts are sent via SMS, e-mail and mobile application on issues of high importance, thus helping to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.