Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a field of computer systems that models human-like intelligence and learning capabilities. Artificial intelligence uses algorithms designed to perform human-like operations.
 Artificial intelligence can be used in various fields such as Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Automated Decision-Making, Games, Predictive Maintenance, Performance Analysis, Driving Safety, Autonomous Vehicles, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Preventive Maintenance

Artificial intelligence is widely used in preventive maintenance processes. Preventive maintenance enables planned maintenance by detecting malfunctions in a machine or system in advance, thus preventing unexpected failures.
The software and algorithms we have developed collect data from vehicle sensors, analyze this data and determine any signs of abnormalities or malfunctions in the vehicle. In this way, maintenance personnel can perform planned maintenance by detecting signs of malfunction in advance and unexpected downtime due to malfunctions can be prevented.
We also optimize maintenance scheduling to increase vehicle longevity. We analyze vehicle performance and use machine learning algorithms to determine the best maintenance schedule. In this way, machine life can be extended and higher productivity can be achieved at lower costs.

Special Projects

We offer solutions that include various analyses, predictions, and optimizations for many companies and public institutions by using machine learning algorithms in line with their desired fields. With our artificial intelligence based solutions for organizations, we can:

  • Develop decision support systems to support decision-making processes,

  • Make predictions to reduce their costs to increase their profits,

  • And offer various optimization suggestions to increase their efficiency.