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Salih Selamet, General Manager of Mahrek Technology, one of United Group’s technology subsidiaries, stated that they declared 2019 as “export year” and said, “We will start our high value-added technology exports in 2020.”
In his statement to AA correspondent at Turkey’s largest technology event TEKNOFEST Istanbul Aviation, Space and Technology Festival (TEKNOFEST Istanbul), Selamet stated that they are proud to participate in TEKNOFEST Istanbul and emphasized that TEKNOFEST Istanbul is important in terms of showing the breakthrough made by the Turkish defense industry and the outputs of the National Technology Move policies.
Stating that they carry out their activities in Gebze Bilişim Vadisi as Mahrek Technology, Selamet said, “The area we focus on is the Internet of Things (IoT). Here, we offer different sector-based solutions. We offer next-generation vehicle tracking solutions for logistics companies. We produce solutions that increase efficiency in terms of both hardware and software and prevent unproductivity.
Stating that they produce solutions that increase personnel and machine efficiency in many fields, Selamet said:
“We produce personnel task tracking systems in the industrial sector. In this way, companies significantly increase the productivity of their personnel. Thanks to our systems that measure the efficiency of machines, we minimize unproductivity

rates. Our artificial intelligence-based solutions are integrated with our IoT systems. At the new Istanbul Airport, our personnel task tracking and performance management system is currently in active service. More than 2 thousand personnel and consumable expenses are tracked and managed using hardware and software developed entirely by us. We increase productivity.”
Pointing out that the Internet of Things has undergone a change, Selamet said, “In the past, we used to be notified that the refrigerator had broken down with this technology. Now it gives warnings before the refrigerator breaks down. In terms of energy consumption, the cooling system is operated according to the fullness of the refrigerator. Thanks to these measurements, we increase efficiency. Our focus is on efficiency increase and optimization.”
— “R&D culture has emerged in Turkey”
Salih Selamet said that since 2004, a high-tech move has been initiated, especially in the field of defense industry, and that the R&D culture in Turkey has emerged over time with the laws enacted and the incentives provided.
Selamet stated that imported technology solutions have now been replaced by domestic and national technology solutions, and that Turkey has now become a technology exporting country.
Emphasizing the importance they give to collaborations with educational institutions, Selamet
“Our production and R&D facilities are located in Gebze Bilişim Vadisi. We collaborate with Yıldız Technical University, Sabancı University, Sakarya University and Kocaeli University. We also work together with organizations such as STM and ASELSAN in some areas. We aim to increase our sponsorships. It is very important for us to contribute to the individual development of our fellow students at educational institutions. Because these students will also become our future human resources.”

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