Bilişim Vadisi (IT Valley) Project

Ensuring security for one of Turkey's largest technoparks, which hosts many R&D centers and technology companies, by using many security system components:

Located on a 1.2 million m2 land area with a very large and hilly terrain, the technopark needs to establish a comprehensive security system against external security threats and manage it with the minimum number of people possible.

Mahrek Technology's Solution

The Mahrek team conducted studies in the technopark area, created a plan design by combining different security systems and submitted it to the responsible administration for approval. The plans include a central monitoring room where all systems can be monitored from one location, and screens where alarms are generated and displayed in case of violations.

How Does the System Work?

The system, which is designed to ensure the security of the entire area and works integrated with each other, consists of the following components.

  • Physical fences around the area have been completed with additions
  • A fiber acoustic fence detection system with a length of approximately 6 km has been installed on the fences
  • To monitor the hilly areas of the terrain, 3 short-range ground-based radars with 3D sensing have been placed.
  • Perimeter security has been ensured with approximately 200 laser, thermal, fisheye and bullet type cameras.
  • License plate identification system has been implemented at vehicle entry and exit points.
  • Electrical infrastructure to supply all systems, including excavation operations, has been provided. Outdoor and indoor field panels and routers have been installed.
  • UPS systems have been installed.
  • Architectural design and application of the monitoring room has been completed.
  • Servers, data storage areas and monitoring screens have been installed.
  • A VMS software was used to monitor the entire system through a common software.

Project Result

The system has been installed and the training of monitoring personnel has been completed. The entire system, which is routinely maintained, is used by the monitoring personnel. With the system in use, the personnel can monitor incidents such as prohibited entries to the technopark area and accidents occurring in the area, retrospective records can be taken, and necessary interventions can be made.

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