Resource Management Project

Monitoring the tasks of the personnel working in three shifts for a company providing cleaning services at an international airport and compiling cleaning satisfaction data

Cleaning services at an international airport providing 24/7 service must be provided at certain SLA levels. In order to ensure that the service, which is provided in three shifts with around 1500 personnel, is provided in accordance with the SLA criteria,

it is necessary to digitally supervise the service, evaluate the feedback from the passengers using the airport and report the entire system.

Mahrek Technology's Solution

The Mahrek team has carried out field studies at the airport, met with the operations team of the service provider, prepared a planning and offered a system solution consisting of software and hardware.

How Does the System Work?

The system involves the installation of hardware with digital survey screens in all restrooms that are cleaned.

  • The devices record the employee's task time by scanning the RFID cards of the employees and send them to the central server over the GSM network.
  •  The next cleaning time to be performed according to the SLA is displayed on thedevice screen.
  • The surveys on the device can be used by passengers and the survey data is sent to the central server. The surveys can also record information on the topics under which dissatisfaction has arisen.

Project Software

  • It works integrated with the HR software of the service provider.
  • The system allows defining service areas and sub-areas within these areasand assigning devices to each of these areas.
  • The system, which is integrated with punch in/out devices, enables the calculation of employee timekeeping
  • Shift assignment can be made.
  • Area-based, person-based, toilet-based task tracking reports can be created
  • A request/complaint can be created for nonconformities of the service by the institution to which the service is provided, and the relevant photos can be added to the request.
  • Survey data can be reported, and areas and issues of dissatisfaction can be tracked.

Project Result

The system has been installed and the training of operation authorities and cleaning personnel has been completed. Digital task tracking and reporting to the service provider started. After the system was put into use, customer satisfaction increased as a reportable and digitally trackable service was provided.

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