Commercial Vehicle System Project

Reducing maintenance costs and downtime due to breakdowns for the local bus manufacturer company that provides public transportation vehicles and their maintenance services to one of Turkey's largest metropolises

One of the most important indicators of municipalities in terms of service quality is that buses providing public transportation services can provide uninterrupted service to passengers. For the public transportation service provided 24/7 on some lines in metropolitan centers, regular diagnostic checks of the buses and quick maintenance of the vehicles in case of breakdown are specified in the service SLA (Service Level Agreement) criteria of the bus manufacturers. The ability to remotely monitor the CANBUS (CANBUS protocol (network between control units) used in automotive is a system developed on this transmission method) data and breakdowns of the buses in service is an important need for both increasing service quality and reducing maintenance costs

Mahrek Technology's Solution

The Mahrek team worked with various units of the bus manufacturer company,
including the operation management team and the R&D team, conducted needs analysis,and offered a system solution that includes components consisting of a software platform and hardware.

How Does the System Work?

The system involves the installation of a tracking device on the buses.

  • The devices can provide GPS tracking.
  • The PGN (Parameter Group Name) data, which is streamed to the CANBUS line and which the manufacturer wants to see, is transmitted by the device to the central server.
  • The device provides acceleration data with G-sensor.
  •  It displays the PGN data received from the vehicles on a dashboard screen withvisuals.
  • It allows defining limit values for PGN values. Once these values are exceeded, the system triggers alarms and these alarms are displayed as notifications on the monitoring screen. SMS or e-mail options are also available for alarm notifications.
  •  Breakdowns occurring in vehicles are instantly displayed as notifications on the platforminterface.
  • Instant CANBUS data, alarm, and breakdown data can be reported at desired date and time intervals.
  • Driver evaluation can be performed with G-sensor data.

Project Result

The system has been installed and the training of operation authorities and relevant unit personnel has been completed. Digital location and PGN data tracking of buses has started. By using the system, breakdowns can be diagnosed remotely when buses are on the road, maintenance and repair programs can be planned, and bus service withdrawal durations due to breakdowns are minimized.

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